How Do Your Pearls Rate

Purchasing pearls does not have to be difficult if you know what you are looking for. Some people have even passed up very good deals on pearls because they do not know how to tell if they are top quality or imitation.

Pearls have two different grading systems: the AAA-A system and the A-D system.

The AAA-A system is most common with freshwater pearls, but is used in other instances as well.

* AAA is the designation for essentially flawless pearls, with a great deal of luster and almost no apparent defects. Any defects present must cover less than 5% of the pearl’s surface.

* AA means that the pearls have high luster and the surfaces are at least 75% blemish free.

* The rating of “A” is given to a low jewelry grade pearl that displays a small amount of surface luster along with 25% or more surface blemishing.

The A-D Pearl Grading System is used for pearls from Tahiti or the South Seas. Though it is close to the AAA-A rating system be certain which system your pearls are being rated on when purchasing “A” grade pearls.

* The highest grade “A” in the A-D system is used for pearls with a great deal of luster and less than 10% of the surface having defects.

* The rating “B” denotes pearls with high to medium luster and up to 30% surface imperfections.

* Grade “C” pearls have medium luster (and rarely high) with 60% of the surface covered in defects.

* Grade “D” pearls have more than 60% of their surface with imperfections. Even if these pearls have a great deal of luster, the large amount of imperfections makes the pearls substandard in quality, but they are still accepted for use in jewelry. Pearls graded below this level are not approved for use in jewelry.

Here are some top tips that can help you make the best selection to add to your own private jewelry collection.

Pearls are graded in a similar manner to diamonds, and the following 5 categories are involved:

* Luster, shape, color, surface and size of all of these, size is least important when it comes to value.

1. Decide if you want to purchase natural pearls, cultured pearls, freshwater pearls, or a synthetic variety. The natural pearls and some of the cultured specimens will be the most expensive.

2. The luster of pearls is one of the main factors that make them desirable and valuable. Luster is measured in terms of how light reflective the entire pearl surface is. You should choose your pearls based on the degree of luster as opposed to size. Because pearls are naturally formed blemishes often occur, and a small imperfection does not always detract from the appearance. While these minute flaws result in a lower cost to consumers, the amount of luster may be enough to make these pearls an excellent buy.

3. Always remember that larger pearls can be less valuable than the smaller ones because they often have flaws and blemishes. It is extremely rare to find a perfectly round large pearl with high luster and few blemishes.

4. Pearls that are perfectly round are the most desirable, followed by those with a teardrop shape. This should be kept in mind as you make your selections. Large pearls are likelier to be asymmetric, which can appeal to some collectors, especially if it’s worked cleverly into jewelry, but usually they’re less valuable.

5. When you are searching for a quality pearl necklace it is important to look for pearls that are well matched in size, symmetry, and luster.

6. When strung on silk cord, pearls need knots tied between each of the pearls. These knots help protect the surfaces of each pearl and keep them from chipping or bumping against each other.

7. You should always make sure that the pearls you select are from a reputable dealer whom you can trust.

There are different styles of pearl necklaces that you might consider and here are the most common classifications.

* Collar necklaces are those that are made from 3 strands of pearls. These necklaces can accent many of your outfits and are more formal than some of the other necklace options.

* Pearl chokers are roughly 14 to 16 inches in length. Most of them are designed so the pearls rest on the collarbone, accenting the lines of the throat. This is a very classic style that has a timeless elegance.

* Princess necklaces are single pearl strands ranging from 16 to 20 inches in length. They resemble a longer princess necklace and can be worn with casual or formal clothing choices.

* The matinee pearl necklaces are 20-25 inches long and the strand is often doubled so that it resembles a “choker necklace”. These are worn occasionally with casual clothing, but are a fashionable selection for more formal evening attire.

* A pearl rope necklace is quite dramatic with a length of 40-72 inches. The length of this jewelry selection gives it an amazing amount of versatility. The necklace can be tripled up as a high choker, worn around the waist, or threaded through coiffure settings. They can even be used to drape down the back for a low back evening dress.

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Shecy Pearl Jewelry High Quality With Affordable Price

Recently, many ladies keep asking us why Shecy can offer such wonderful pearls with high quality but at such low prices. I would like to get rid of these doubts about the price and quality issue for you and speak out the biggest secret quality of Shecy pearl jewelry.

As every knows that there are few countries around world provide dirty cheap labor force, and China is one of them, especially the workforce in medium city because of the low cost for living. And thats exactly where Shecy Pearl Jewelry headquarters locating Guilin, a medium city in south China. The location of Shecy Pearl jewelry headquarters tells a lot. For example, Shecy pays no more than $2000 for more than 2000 square meters brand new office building with river view monthly. Is there possibility to rent even a group team room in New York City within this budget? And Shecy gets more benefits from the wonderful location. Such as maintain low cost for salary, employees afternoon tea, travel expense from pearl farm which it locates just next province to Guilin, etc.

At the same time, Shecy Pearl Jewelry runs an effective way to maintain the high quality of products. For example, Shecy has got its own pearl farm and processing basement. The sale assistances of Shecy keep a close relation with them. When they order the products, they dont just send the order form; they contact the farmer by phone and confirm the quality grade is exactly what they want. If the quality grade of the pearls that they received is not the same as they thought, they will talk to the farmer immediately and ask for return. And thanks for the working hard employees of Shecy Pearl Jewelry; these processes will not extend for more than three days.

There is a very important fact about the quality: good quality deserves big money. Shecy Pearl Jewelry sells pearls from grade AAA to A+ and Shecy uses a stick pearl grading system which is according to the GIA (The Gemological Institute of America) original Pearl Grading System, including the quality factors size, shape, luster, nacre thickness and surface. And all of them are double checked by Shecy trained crowds and professional gemologist. A high quality of Shecy pearl ring does really look totally different from A+ grade one. There is no doubt that Better quality, higher price. We can compare with them by the picture showing below to tell how difference they are. Even both of them come from Shecy.

And there are some other factors affect the prices and quality: the type of precious metal and the side stones. With the same pearl, Diamond side stone 18 K gold ring is certainly more expensive then zircon 925 silver ring. So, material and quality both can decide the price of the pearl jewelry.

As you see, the biggest secret of Shecy High quality, reasonable prices is according to the economic theory and practice: low price depends on the low expense of business, type of material of the pearl jewelry and the quality of the pearl. I am sure that after reading this report about Shecy pearl quality, all of clients can be a well educated consumer and will never be fooled by gossip any more.

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Diwali Dhamaal Best Offer On Pearl Jewellery Sets Buy 3 Get 3 Free

This Diwali festive season, HomeShop18 is offering great deals on big brands like Whirlpool, Godrej, Samsung, Nikon, Kodak etc. HomeShop18s special line up of products includes Puja Thalis, Home Furnishings, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Mithais, Diwali Hampers, etc. Special offers are not only about great discounts but also offer great value through 1+1 offers on pearl jewellery and furnishings.

Sri Jagdamba Fabulous Pearl Combo – Buy 3 Get 3 Free

Sri Jagdamba Fabulous Pearl Combo: Buy 3 Pearl Sets and get 3 Pearl Sets absolutely free

Red and Green Round Pearl Set Features:

Pearl Shape: Button, Pearl Colour: White
Base Metal: Silver Alloy with Gold Plating
Pearl Quality: AAA, Stone: Ruby/Emerald
Necklace Length: 16-18 inches, Pearl Type: Freshwater Pearls
3 Grey Drop Pearl Set Features:

Pearl Shape: Button, Pearl Colour: White, Base Metal: Silver Alloy with Gold Plating, Pearl Quality: AAA, Necklace Length: 16-18 inches
Pearl Type: Freshwater Pearls
Sheetal Pearl Set Features:

Pearl Shape: Button, Pearl Colour: White
Base Metal: Silver Alloy with Gold Plating
Pearl Quality: AAA, Necklace Length: 16-18 inches, Pearl Type: Freshwater Pearls

1 Round Grey Pearl Set, Hyderabadi Pearl Set, String Pearl Set

(2). Laxmiji Gold Coin

Sangini as one of the leading brand of India presents 18KT Pure Gold Coin.
Gold Weight: 1 Grams, Gold Purity: 18 Kt

(3). Diamond Earrings by Sangini

18KT Gold and Diamond earrings with 1.30cms height and 1.06 width.

Clarity: SI, Color: H/I, Carat: 0.07
No. of Diamonds: 6, Total Diamond Weight: 0.07

(4). Sapphire & Diamond Pendant – P-349S

Product Specifications:
Metal Type: .925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated (Nickel Free)
Gemstone(s): Sapphire & Diamond
Shapes & Sizes: Sapphire Oval 6 x 4mm (1),Diamond Accents 0.06cts (12)
Total Gemstone Weight: 0.71 carats, Product Weight: 4.05 grams (Approx.)
16″ chain included

(5). Blue Topaz Pendant – P-128Bt

Product Specifications:

Metal Type: 0.925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated (Nickel Free)
Gemstone(s): Blue Topaz
Shapes & Sizes: Blue Topaz Round 5.00 mm (1), Blue Topaz Round 1.80mm (1)
Total Gemstone Weight: 0.64 carats, Product Weight: 2.30 grams (Approx.)

Author suggests you to buy fashion bracelets from homeshop18 and win diwali gifts.

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How To Cook Pearl Barley

One of the oldest and most versatile grains has to be barley. It has been used by nomadic tribes as a staple food even before it was taken up by the beer industry for beer brewing purposes. Yes, barley is one of the main ingredients in the making of beer. Since barley is adaptable to a host of uses, the things that you can do with this grain are almost limitless. Barley as a grain is highly nutritious as it has been found to contain fiber, complex carbohydrates, proteins and numerous vitamins. It has an unique flavor which is a great advantage when it comes to making of desserts, curries, casseroles, stews, soups and salads. Another advantage of this grain is its low fat levels as well as nil cholesterol levels.

Barley comes in a lot of forms with pearl barley being one of the most common barley forms.The outer hull in pearl barley is usually removed. Despite the pearl barley being the most common type, it is further split into two other barley sub groups. One type of the pearl barley is that which tends to cook pretty fast while the other type is the standard pearl barley type. Pearl barley is suited in the making of some hot cereals like is the case with oatmeal as well as baked foods. The following recipe outlines how to cook barley pearls. The recipe is extremely easy to come up with and a good nutritious alternative to those who usually have fatty breakfasts that are low in nutrition. You will need only 3 ingredients to make the pearl barley porridge.

These ingredients are a cup of the regular pearl barley, 3 cups of stock or water and ? teaspoon of salt in case you using water. To start us off, pearl barley does not require any soaking like is the case with grains such as the red kidney beans. All that is required of you is the sorting out of dirt and stones that may be present in the pearl barley. Get a saucepan that is of medium proportions and place it over high heat. Into the pan add the ? teaspoon of salt to the pan if you plan on using water as well as 3 cups of stock and water plus the cup of pearl barley. Bring all the ingredients to the boil and then reduce the heat once they begin boiling. Cover up the pan and continue simmering in low heat for 45 or so minutes until most of the liquid has vanished. By now, the pearly barley should be tender and ready to eat. Using a fork, fluff off grains from the barley.

In case you want to learn how to cook barley, some other methods could interest you. The best of these recipes is the soothing barley & chicken soup. This particular dish happens to be the real meaning of comforting home cooked food. This we will tackle in some other article or forum as it is rather long. Bon app?tit.

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How To Identify Tahitian Black Pearl

Commonly known around the world as black pearls, the pearls of Tahiti are indigenous to the remote lagoons of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. Today, the Tahitian pearl has become an exotic gem sought after by celebrities and pearl aficionados alike.

Some people use the term black pearl to refer to any dark colored pearl, dyed or natural color. In this part of natural back pearl, we will discuss Tahitian pearl as it is a distinguished type of real natural black pearls. Traditionally we identify Tahitian black pearl by the attribute of them. For example we identify them by the shape, color, Luster and Nacre.

1. size
Tahitian pearl can grow to 9mm to 22mm of diameter. Size has great impact of price. In Pearl buying Guide, Renee, Newman state the price jump of 1 mm increasing in the size of medium-quality pearls can raise their price 100 – 200%.

2. shape
The prices of Tahitian pearls go from high to low as below: round, off-round, drop, button, circle.

3. Color
Tahitian pearls aren’t all black. In fact, they are much colorful than you think. They can be gray, green, blue, lavender, brown, black and with iridescence, they look like peacock leather. To simulate the unique precious Tahitian pearl, there are many dyed or treated black pearls appear on the market. Identify the real or treated one with our pearl Dyeing test to protect your benefit from unfaithful trade.

4. Surface Quality
Tahitian pearl are very precious. Every year, those perfect and high luster Tahitian pearls are sold in pearl auction. The surfaces imperfections make Tahitian pearl more affordable. When choosing a Tahitian pearl, you can consider pearls with some flaws or blemishes on a certain side. When they are made to jewelry, the blemishes can be perfectly covered with the post or mounting set.Tahiti cultured pearl farmers generally use four ratings for surface quality: A, B, C and D.

Top gem: Flawless pearl, excellent luster

Quality A: 90% flaw-free surface. On the remained 10%, the pearl may have some slight concentrated imperfections with one or two deep imperfections tolerated. At least a very high luster.

Quality B: 70% flaw-free surface. On the remaining 30%, the pearl may have some slight concentrated imperfections with one or two deep imperfections tolarated. At least a high luster.

Quality C: 40% flaw-free surface. On the remaining 60%, the pearl may have some slight concentrated imperfections with a 10% of deep imperfections tolerated. At least a medium luster.

Quality D: Pearl has either a large amount of slight flaws distributed over 60% of the surface, or several slight and deep flaws distributed over 60% of the surface at the most, regardless of the luster.

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