China Jewelry, The Lack Of Highly Design Talents


The development of Chinese jewelry design is not for long, and because of the lack of design talents who work for jewelry design in the enterprise, lots of jewelry companies began to hire those designers who with low-price but have not high-level design ability. Even though we all know that designer only by constantly learning can improve their design levels, and it is the only way of the development of jewelry design. But now the Chinas jewelry designers have gone astray, at the beginning of learning, they started from imitation, but in the end of that, it became almost crazy plagiarizing.

A famous economist once said that, the Chinese products mostly can only make similar in shape but have no internal spirit. This parable is largely reflected in the China jewelry designs.

It goes without saying that, in the jewelry design learning, China jewelry still is in the primary level of design education development. The ways to design jewelry, designers are more adopting an imitative learning method. But when this imitative learning turns into plagiarizing, the negative effects it made become the great resistance of the external development of China’s jewelry. Rejected participating, infringing copyright and all kinds of problems keep pouring in.

Of cause, in addition to the main reason of the lack of qualified jewelry designers, another factor caused the rise in plagiarism is that it will cost too much for enterprises to make their own design center. Due to reasons of the economic strength, most of the jewelry companies cannot afford the high cost to hire a good designer, and the low-paying and ordinary designers cannot take on the creative jobs, this is one of the reasons that China jewelry enterprises cannot get rid of the imitation.

Shenzhen city was greatly affected in the process, as the jewelry capital of China; a regional brand has the status of leader of a group, the whole design level of backwardness is effect on the overall foreign competitiveness in the brand construction and the introduction of talent. Therefore, discovering and looking for high-quality talents, actively promoting the development of China’s jewelry design industry has become a burning problem.