Fraternity Bow Ties The Brotherhood’s Fashion Expression


What do Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma, Kappa Alpha Psi and Alpha Phi Alpha have in common? These fraternities have many achievers to their credits. They all have men who passed through portals of their universities with flying colors. These fraternities have made an expression in their loyalty to their pledge. The strength of these fraternities cannot be denied. They are all brotherhood of men whose pride in their own fraternity are expressed in different paraphernalia. And the addition to their expression are the fraternity bow ties.

Fraternity Bow Ties
Fraternity bow ties are not just about their fashion. These are about the sense and pride of belonging to any of these fraternities who have produced, at one time or another, great men who respect the principles of the fraternity where they belong. The exceptional attachment to the fraternity is largely attributed to their sense of belonging and fulfillment to a brotherhood of respectable men. Fraternity bow ties are jaunty fashion expressions of this sense. It reflects their personal satisfaction and to express a debt of gratitude to their fraternity and colleagues.

Sorority Bow Ties
Not to be left behind by the fraternity bow ties fad are the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and Delta Delta Delta Sorority bow ties. Who says the bow ties are only for fraternities and men? Women have realized how important it is to be associated with their sorority. What is a better way to express their pride without compromising fashion? Sorority bow ties is probably one of the best things to have to make known their fashion statement with a sorority who has embraced them for what they are.

The Bow Ties Authority
There are a lot of online sellers for fraternity bow ties but only one has the penchant for this timeless treasure, the Bow Tie Lady. Selling fraternity bow ties, wholesale bow ties and bow ties isn’t just about profits. It is in the realm of her passion, flair and understanding of the essence of bow ties that makes the difference. Offering wholesale bow ties provides others an varied opportunities to be in sync with this tiny piece of men’s accessory as a reflection of one’s personality and behavior. In addition, wholesale bow ties allows the collector of bow ties to have the chance of making his/her wardrobe more creative, colorful and attractive.

Who Uses the Bow Ties
Bow ties are designed to fit the wearer’s purpose. The more formal ones are the regular black or white to match the tuxedo ensemble. Those who want to express their mood, the fancy and novelty striped and dotted would be perfect. And for the hip, the skull designed bow ties would just be what you need. When the bow ties were re-introduced in the early 20th century, it became a craze among the youngsters without losing respect for the older gents who are used to bow ties as an accessory of a respectable man in terms of his societal status.

Create your own image with bow ties and be counted in the fashion world, and be recognized by your brother or sisters anywhere you go.