Ways To Maintain The Beauty Of White Gold Jewelry


White gold is very attractive. However, this kind of gold is no different than the other gold except that it is alloyed with white metals. But white golds natural finish is not really as sparkling as silver and platinum but is somewhat dull white. Its brilliance is due to a thin layer of rhodium plating.

Therefore, in order to maintain the beauty of white gold jewelry, our aim is to keep rhodium plating from wearing off too soon. Here are some simple tips to maintain the rhodium plating in your white gold jewelries.

Remember to remove all your white gold jewelries when using harmful chemicals.

Remove white gold rings when using bleach or detergent soaps that may contain harsh chemicals. Dishwashing liquids may also contain strong cleansing agents that can damage the rhodium plating on your white gold ring.

Cosmetic products such as hair spray may also contain chemicals that may affect your white gold jewelries like earrings and necklace. It is best to put them on after you have set your hair with styling products.

Perfume and skin cleansers may not affect your skin but they contain chemicals that may produce chemical reaction to your white gold jewelries, thus, may lead to discoloration.

Hand sanitizers can also stain your white gold jewelries. Like cosmetic products, hand sanitizers may also contain chemicals that can produce chemical reaction to rhodium plating which may lead to discoloration.

Avoid wearing your white gold jewelries when going for a swim.

Unless youre dipping in a pool of fresh water, white gold jewelries may discolor sooner if soaked in a pool of chlorinated water. Salt water may also affect the rhodium plating, so it is best to take your jewelries off before going down the beach.

Clean your white gold jewelries regularly.

Regular cleaning is as important as avoiding chemicals that may cause discoloration. Dust, pollution, and the natural acid that our body produces when we perspire are also factors that contribute in the discoloration of white gold jewelries. By regularly cleaning white gold jewelries every after use and before storing them in your jewelry box, you can prolong the lifespan of our jewelries rhodium plating. Here are some simple steps in cleaning your white gold jewelries.

Gather all the white gold jewelries to be cleaned. Check thoroughly if there are loose gems that may accidentally drop and lose. In case you find one, dont attempt to fix it yourself with glue, it is best to take the item to a jeweler.

Prepare a bowl of water and put a few drops of mild hand soap then stir until some bubbles are formed above the water. You may also add a drop of ammonia.

Soak all the jewelries for about 10 minutes.

Using a soft toothbrush, gently scrub your jewelry.

Rinse thoroughly under a gentle stream of water. To avoid dropping small jewelry down the drain, use a colander or block the drain with stopper.

Dry thoroughly and buff using a microfiber or chamois.

The thin plating of rhodium is responsible for the elegance appearance of white gold. Unlike yellow gold and sterling silver which need only some buffing to regain its natural sparkle, white gold lose its charm once the rhodium plating starts to wear off, hence, you would need to have it re-plated by a jeweler in order to bring back its original beauty. So, in order to enjoy the luxury of white gold jewelry, one should keep a regular maintenance of its rhodium plating.