When It Comes To Jeans Go For Comfort As Well As Style


Trends in jeans come and go: some years, the skinny jean is in, while other years it might be the baggy “boyfriend jeans” that grab the lime light. What never changes is the fact that denim jeans are the unofficial daily uniform for Americans when they are not at work. Because we spend so much time in our jeans, doesn’t it make sense that they should be comfortable as well as stylish? Here’s more about it.

Women need to be especially careful when choosing the cut of jeans that is right for their figure type. Low rise and extra low rise are probably best left to the nubile young gals unless you are in incredibly good shape. Wear “high rise” and you risk having your jeans labeled as “Mom jeans.” The best compromise for most women is the mid-rise jean that cuts straight across the belly instead of below or above it.

The leg style you choose will depend greatly on the look you want and the purpose of the jeans. Are they “dressy” jeans? If so, you may opt for a flared leg in a darker color. A little extra fabric in the legs balances an extra skinny figure. Too-tight legs are not appropriate for gals that are bottom heavy, so beware of falling for trends and wanting to wear what you shouldn’t for the sake of “style” alone: you simply won’t be comfortable and you definitely will not look good.

For extra comfort, get some jeans that have some stretch built right into the fabric: the stretch will not change the look at all, but you’ll feel the difference when you go to sit down or bend over.

When it comes to jean construction, it’s probably safe to state that you definitely get what you pay for. Cheaper jeans will not last as long, be as comfortable, or give you the styling detail you want. You spend so much time in your jeans that they are worth paying a little extra for to get exactly what you want.

Never settle for less than 100% cotton: cotton breathes and this type of denim will last the longest and give you the most wear for your money. Do some research online and seek out the brands that use only the best materials and that pay a lot of attention to their stitching as well as their styling. For a little extra fun, go out of your comfort zone and get jeans in a color other than blue such as white or cerise!

Your jeans are too important to leave to chance: you don’t have to follow every single trend to be stylish. The best approach is to know what looks good on your figure type, then insist on buying a quality product.