Why Own a BOB Revolution All Terrain Stroller


Do you have kids? Have you ever been pushing them in a regular stroller only to struggle once you hit the slightest bit of rough terrain? Have you ever taken the long way to the store just so you could avoid a patch of gravel that would stop your stroller dead in its tracks? If any of these situations sound familiar to you, then you are driving the wrong stroller. Will a BOB Revolution All Terrain Stroller help you overcome the challenges of other strollers?

Why BOB?

BOB has long been known to be a brand name synonymous with excellence when it comes to transporting your babies, toddlers and children. They create strollers that are designed for busy families and are built to last. Their BOB Revolution All Terrain Strollers will easily glide over cracks in pavement, twigs, gravel, snow and most other terrain with ease. If you live in an area that has a lot of different terrain, or if you like to go camping or on vacation to areas with a lot of nature, then the BOB Revolution All Terrain Stroller might be a perfect option for you. The front wheel is locked, to give it extra stability on any terrain and the locking brake mechanism helps keep the stroller stopped on almost any level of incline.

What Do Customers Think?

Before buying a BOB Revolution All Terrain Stroller, its a good idea to read some reviews and see what other customers are saying about it before you spend a lot of money on something that might not be of high quality. Here is an example of what other parents are saying about this stroller.

“I asked my friends who had the BOB about it and they said it was amazing and just buy it. I finally bit the bullet and I am sooo happy I did. This stroller is amazing. It is great for a walk to the park, on the beach, trail or a run.”
-Jaimie from Amazon.com

As you can see, customers are very happy with their BOB strollers. They are high quality and fulfill the promises made by the advertisements and the official BOB website. If you are looking for something high quality enough to keep with your family for years to come then a BOB might just be the one you have been looking for.

Owning a BOB

A BOB Revolution All Terrain Stroller is of high quality and will last many years. Because of that, it is not cheap. They are worth around $450 or more depending on where you purchase it from.