Design Your Own Necklace – Popular Styles Suitable For Pearl Necklaces

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl necklaces are adorable jewelry and every woman keeps them as their precious belongings. In the shops and online stores, you can find several designs for pearl necklaces. Though many modern styles and designs can be found, every woman wants something unique and something special with their pearl necklaces. You can buy designer pieces, but they are certainly expensive. If you have knowledge about the design and style of pearl necklaces, you can design your own necklace and ask the retailer to design the necklace for you. This way, you can buy a unique necklace without spending a lot of money on designing the necklace.

Depending on the length of the necklace, different names are given for the pearl necklace. The number of pearl strands is another consideration for the pearl necklaces.

Collar style – This style has more than two strands of pearls and the longest strand is about 13 inches long. They fit the neck collar and look gorgeous with off shoulder gowns. If you have a low v-neck or boat neck tops, you can wear collar pieces to get the royal look.

Choker style – The choker piece has a single pearl strand that aligns with the neck. This is simple and elegant, suitable for all casual dresses. If you are in light makeup, you can wear the choker piece to get a majestic look.

Princess style – Among the various styles of pearl necklaces, the princess style is the most sought after one. As the name goes, it gives the princess look for the wearer and the necklace is a bit long, about 19 inches. This princess pearl necklace looks pretty with dresses with high neck lines.

Matinee style – This style is longer than princess and the necklace will be about 24 inches long. For professional looks, you can choose this style.

Opera style – This is the longest style of pearl necklace stretching for 34 inches. This style gives a classy look for the wearer. The opera necklace can be double looped to form a mini choker necklace.

Rope style – For a majestic look, rope style necklace, which is about 37 inches long, can be worn. This style goes well with gowns of high necklines. These longer pieces are looped to form choker or princess style to match different attire.

Pendant style – The latest fashion with pearl necklaces is the pendant style where a big pearl pendant is attached to a thin, small metal chain, which may be gold or platinum. You can choose elegant floral pendants or go wild with big dark colored pearls.

It is very important to choose the pearl necklaces according to your own body form. Girls with longer necks will look sexy with the collar and choker pieces. Young girls can try colored pearls and mature women should settle with blissful white or ivory pearls.