Shiraz, A Pearl Of Persian Culture

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Shiraz is located in the province of Fars and it is a true gem of veritable Persian culture. It used to be the capital city of Iran, but only for a short period of time, and it is known as the place where the poets Saadi and Hafiz were born. Shiraz is known for its wines, especially for the one name Syrah and its reputation is well deserved. Over 1.3 million people call this city home and you may be surprised to see how much they enjoy life and how friendly they are towards one another. Family parties are wide spread as friends’ get-together quite often and the atmosphere is quite lively.

Shiraz is mostly a cultural destination, as the home of many monuments to honor its cultural heritage. You should not miss the Mausoleum of Hafez where the well known poet of Persian origin was born in Shiraz during the 14 century. He spent his life in Shiraz and died here. He asked to be buried in a garden located in the northeast area of Shiraz where his tomb is now located. A veritable place of pilgrimage, the mausoleum was renovated about half a century ago. In order to get to the tomb you need to take the stone stairs. The cupola of the tomb looks like the hat of a dervish, and you can see two poems of the regretted poet written on the walls.

The other great poet that lived here was Saadi and a mausoleum was erected in his honor. The tomb where his physical remains are kept is a place of pilgrimage for people in love with the poetry arts. At the beginning of the 19th centurythe mausoleum was renovated and even the tomb was revamped half a century ago. People also come here to admire the Iranian architecture marked by columns made of pink marble.

Among the places to visit and see in Shiraz you will find the Arg of Karim Khan, which used to be a prison but is now open to visitors who want to admire its fine architecture. There are also many gardens in Shiraz that you can enjoy such as the Eram Garden, Delgosha Garden, or Afif abad Garden.

Don’t forget to visit a few bazaars for a bit of traditional shopping. The most appreciated are Vakil Bazaar, Moshir-e-Now, and Mesgarha Bazaar.

Another tomb that is veneered in Shiraz is the tomb of Seyed Amir Ahmad, also called Shah Cheragh by the people living here. The architecture of the place is quite amazing and travelers from everywhere come here to admire the tile work and the silver door. The mirrors are also incredible pieces that will leave you in absolute awe.

Another place to see in Shiraz is the main gate called Qor’an or Dar vazeh Quran. Built about one millennium ago, the gate was actually replaced by a new structure that exhibits some of the finest designs in Iran.