Wedding Dress Color-Available Choices


Historically, Queen Victoria has set off the white wedding gown era and before that blue shades were considered as the color of purity for wedding dresses. As the color can set the mood of your big event, wedding dress color is always a big consideration when it comes to find a dream dress. And here comes some color choices for wedding dresses as well as their associated meanings.

White-it is the most chosen color for brides and a white princess dress is always a reliable choice for a traditional wedding and it looks beautiful. White shades are now believed to associate with virginity and purity.

Pink-pale pink is considered as a shade derived from white shades and the others are sky blue, cream, and champagne. Light pink is another choice for young brides to make a very feminine appearance. It is connected with joy, sensitivity, passion and love. Often, pink shades embody love, romance and femininity.

Red-this color always symbolizes fire and blood. It is an emotional color with anger, love and passion. Usually people think red shades are terrific and dramatic. But a red gown with golden or sliver embroideries are really great for evening reception. And in some eastern countries like China, red shades are favored as a festive, lucky color for any celebrations.

Green-it is a color of nature and for garden weddings, this hue would have a great performance to set a peaceful yet festive mood. Green shades are associated with growth and freshness. However, dark green is usually connected with money and aqua green symbolizes protection and it is seen frequently in wedding celebrations.

Blue-this color is on the top of men’ s favorite, actually. It is associated with purity, trust, wisdom, stability and heaven. Blue shades are very enchanting for festive aura.

Purple-it is really a royal color, which always associates with power, luxury and ambition. Dark purple shades even symbolize some mystery while light purl shades bring out some feelings of romance and nostalgia.

A rainbow of possibilities for wedding dress color choices are granted. Whatever you define a shade, a color that is pleasing to eyes and set the tone of the festive occasions would be the best bet for wedding dress. Modern brides really like to introduce some splashes of color with a sash or ribbon to their wedding look. A wide hem in a vibrant color will also do a great job to add some flare to the outfit.

The color palette that suit for a wedding look can be really rich. Never overlook bridal accessories to be more expressive. Bag yourself a dream dress with much color fun to celebrate your happiest occasion!