garment exports in Europe and America is the biggest karen millenuk sale


requirements are high, more stringent technical standards, analyzeand propose countermeasures recalled because it is urgent. The reason is as follows:First, the need for developed countries to protect domestic enterprises. In recent years, Europe and other countries due to the financial crisis ofits own poor economic conditions, for the textile and garment enterprises to protect their economic interests, and constantly in different christian louboutin shoes forms oftrade protection measures to restrict imports of clothing, and recalled as a form of trade measures , are increasingly being used.Second, developed countries are increasingly concerned about the safety of children’s clothing. Children are the future of each country, the EU andother christian louboutin uk countries focus from the child safety aspects. The status of children’s clothing, Europe and other countries to develop the kinds of strictregulations in place to monitor, such as the U.S. and Europe EN, U.S. CPSIA regulations.Third, the product design problems. Some foreign buyers defective design of the product itself, and our manufacturing enterprises are another way ofusing OEM OEM production, only in accordance with the buyers requirements of production, the product design meets the foreign technical regulationslack the necessary and sufficient

recognition ability. In addition, some diversification of foreign trade cheap christian louboutin companies with foreign customers to sign acontract, do not understand the garment production cheap christian louboutin shoes

process or related technical barriers, but only orders without profit, and do not comply with thedesign of the product itself and its attribution of responsibility karen millen dresses outlet

to make a clear agreement, thus buried The following quality problems.Fourth, some Chinese garment enterprises lack of awareness of quality and safety. Low barriers to entry and karen millen sale

garment enterprises, the same phenomenon karen millen ukseriously, in karen millen dresses sale

karen millen outlet

many cases companies can christian louboutin uk

not on the products themselves to judge the quality and safety compliance. Part of the order is not fullproduction enterprises, in pursuit karen millen dresses karen millen sale uk

of profit, an additional assessment would not have orders blindly organization that production, resulting productdoes not meet the technical and regulatory requirements of the importing country.According christian louboutin outlet

to Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau statistics, in christian louboutin shoes

in Ningbo textile and garment exports hit a record high, reached , grant exportbatch, the amount of . billion U.S. dollars, respectively, an increase of ., Ningbo garment exports in Europe and America is the biggest karen millenuk sale

tradeexports to the country, which is also the most demanding technical barriers to trade. To cheap karen millen dresses

this end, inspection and quarantine departments to remind thegarment export enterprises: karen millen dresses First, in the clothing design process, christian louboutin sale

especially children’s clothing, should try to avoid using rope, available snaps,buttons, Velcro and other alternative; Second, if foreign orders by Design exports, foreign designs containing rope, and should remind the buyer’sattention, make adjustments to the design in order to avoid losses to both sides; three is to strengthen the European and American textile and appareltechnology standards of learning, improve response capabilities, thereby enhancing market competitiveness.Quality and safety karen millen dresses outlet has become a paramount element of apparel products, the export garment enterprises only attach great importance to product quality,especially in the garment production process to eliminate defects do not meet the requirements abroad, in order to effectively consolidate the countryas a major exporter of apparel and powerful position.Further ReadingWary of excessive levels of formaldehyde