Wuxi Founded China’s First Textile And Garment Machinery Market


China Suppliers, and my work is to promote a free online trade platform. http://www.frbiz.com/ contain a great deal of information about front door handles,brand new fork,velcro sanding disc, welcome to visit! “> – Machinery for the textile and apparel industry to create new market “engine” Reputation for “the world cloth terminal” famous Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, will be the standard set up International Conference and Exhibition of China’s first pan-Textile Machinery specialized market – Wuxi New World International Textile and Garment Machinery City, designed for the country’s textile, printing and dyeing, leather, knitting, sewing and other machinery manufacturing enterprises to provide an international platform for exchange and trade. The establishment of the market for the current China’s textile and garment enterprises and their machinery manufacturing enterprises sent a wave of spring to warm.

Textile and garment industry has always been a pillar industry in Wuxi, with a full, equipped with a complete, enterprise strong, strong coordination of the characteristics of the industry. 1928 Wuxi textile and garment, textile machinery companies have jointly donated the construction of the city’s first reinforced concrete structure bridge – the labor movement Bridge, the bridge faced with Wuxi Railway Station, its design, functionality and quality are not far behind This fully reflects the time scale of Wuxi strength of textile and garment industry.

Wuxi’s textile and garment industry after years of development, has formed a chemical fiber, textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, textile machinery manufacturing, consisting of a complete industrial chain, the existing above-scale textile and garment enterprises in 1044, employed 283,000 people, the main business income about 150 billion, accounting for 18.5% in Jiangsu Province, where woolen cloth, chemical fiber production in the country’s total respectively 20% and 10%, and the entire industry out the main economic aggregates of the national top three cities. There are seven Wuxi textile and garment enterprises in China’s A-share market has become a unique “Wuxi textile and apparel section.”

Wuxi take the lead in the establishment of textile and garment machinery market, on the one hand, there are a number of textile and garment enterprises in the local market demand for support, more than 500 local textile and garment machinery manufacturing enterprises and support of technologies and products; the other hand, it has located in the the Yangtze River Delta hinterland superior industrial environment and market resources, location and other characteristics unique conditions for development. The establishment of this specialized market has also captured the development of China’s textile and apparel industry, the best historical opportunity, so it all over the country for the Yangtze River Delta, or the development of textile and apparel industry to provide more professional support for the modernization of the market.

According to industry analysis: the impact of the global financial crisis, China’s textile and garment industry, while facing a “winter” test, but since June 2009 the entire textile and apparel machinery industry has begun to contrarian growth, which shows China’s textile and garment industry in the structure adjustment, expansion of domestic demand in the energy savings and a bottoming out in order for the post-crisis period, textile and garment machinery industry with a great market demand.

At the same time, modern industrial development is inseparable from an advanced service industries. Because China’s textile machinery industry has been no professional market, resulting in hundreds of thousands of textile and garment manufacturers purchase cost and textile machinery manufacturing enterprises is the high cost of sales for many years. From the business performance, the industry of professional textile machinery market, the long-awaited. But they also agreed that after the establishment of textile machinery specialized market, foreign companies and brands will drive straight, level of competition in the market would be aggravated.

Moreover, China’s textile machinery business over the years fledgling, but also to the fully competitive and open market, the professional ambitions. This in turn is precisely with the current restructuring of China’s textile and garment industry, industrial upgrading and industrial transfer of development consistent with the strategic objectives. The understanding, Wuxi New World International Textile and Garment Machinery town master plan area of 30 million square meters, a total up to 8,000 shops, including an area of about 10 million square meters, with standard shop 2000. This set of technology, information, trade, exhibition, forum, research and development as one of the textile and garment machinery specialized market have already started investment is expected to open in October next year. This indicates that China’s textile and garment machinery products are not professional market history will soon end.

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