Choose Suitable Glasses Frame Colors To Match Your Clothing Colors


In fact, there are many factors which have great influence on choosing suitable glasses frame. People can choose their favorite styles according to their own dispositions. Before choose your eyewear, you should take the comfort level, vision degree, skin color, facial form, hairstyle and even your work into your consideration.

Here let us focus on one of these important factorshow to match your eyewear frame and clothing colors. Generally, if you can remember three words, then glasses color matching would not be a question. These three words are coordination, contradistinction, and interspersion. Coordination means you should make sure your eyewear frames and clothing colors nearly the same; contradistinction means that you can also choose different colors to match your glasses and clothing; interspersion means that you can choose glasses frames with hyperbolic colors to match your clothing and doing like this can put a cherry on the top. Now, let us analyze these three methods one by one.

First, coordination. To help you understand, I will explain this point by using several examples. If the main color of your clothing is red, then you can choose red or nearly red glasses. Light color clothing should not be matched to dark colorsof course white is an exception. Black clothing also can be matched to many different eyewear frame colors.

Secondly, the contradistinction. You can also choose cool colors and warm colors to match your glasses and clothing. For example, if you wear red clothing, you can wear blue glasses; if your clothes are purple, and then choose yellow color to match them. But if your clothing colors are more than two kinds and look colorful, then you should not choose too bright colors. For example, if you wear pink, light yellow and sky-blue, you had better choose glasses with contradict colors.

Third, interspersion. Especially in summer, people can easily feel tired and whiny. Influenced by bad emotions, people may hate glasses with wrong matching colors. In such an occasion, you can choose this method to match your glasses and clothing. For example, when you are wearing pink and grey clothing, a pair of red glasses can make you look more beautiful and stylish. Many celebrities choose ray ban red sunglasses to match, if you want to have a try, they can give you more inspiration.