Collection of Turquoise Jewelry


The freshness of the natural colors of turquoise seems fair to make it a gem that is easy to appreciate and enjoy. Since the beginning of the ancient Egyptians and Chinese civilizations of the Native American tribes, mankind in the world has kept turquoise for centuries as the stone of the earth and sky. It’s really not surprising that turquoise seems to be some raw materials, quality primitive, like turquoise was one of the first stones ever worked by man – he has been kept for thousands of years. It is gentle enough to be shaped, polished and shaped jewelry with simple tools – hence its use from the earliest moments of human civilization.

Handcrafted turquoise jewelry seems to have lasting beauty and a raw, primitive quality. Even if a bright blue shadow comes to mind for most people, turquoise comes in a wide range of colors from a bright green, blue light greenish tone royal blue. Not too expensive, but not too expensive – natural turquoise is a good memory of the mother earth.

From a collection of turquoise jewelry is very easy, and the qualities of this beautiful jewel just seems to grow on you in your collection grows. Turquoise is an investment that does not need to be locked in a safe, because you can enjoy your jewelry that you wear. The tides of fashion have turned in recent years, and the beautiful blue and green turquoise is again return to the mainstream. Trend magazines placed once more regularly turquoise and well known entertainment personalities use accessories to their wardrobes. Most people who collect turquoise jewelry organize their collections on two concepts: 1) the first is to collect the work of famous artists jewelry. Some artists are partial to the styles and reasons for use, which then become the hallmark of their work.

Some collectors specialize in the works of well-known American artists; often try to specialize in a few artists, and the collection of several examples of their work. Others include the work of British artists who have been trained in ways to make Indian-style jewelry. Other artists are also of interest, as some can be very successful in their profession. It is also true that while most turquoise is mounted in the Indian style silver jewelry, there are also beautiful turquoise jewelry classic contemporary.

2) The second concept is to collect the stones of turquoise mines American desert southwest. There are many American turquoise mines spread throughout the southwestern United States, primarily in Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, but also in Colorado and California. American turquoise is a wide variety of blues and greens – there are many colors and patterns to choose. The bulk of the production of each mine, tends to have certain characteristics, so that the pickup to try to buy precious stones with specific features to show the best examples of each mine. For example, some mines in Nevada are known for their spider web patterned turquoise, and the collector May seek turquoise from the mine, which shows that the trend in the most attractive.