How To Choose The Right Jeans For You


Choosing the right jeans can enhance one’s look with charm. Everyone loves jeans, for this fashion started from the classic time up to these days. So, if you want to make the most out of your jeans, then try learning the tricks and secrets about them for you to be discovered in the world of fashion. So, here are the secret tips…

1.Determine your exact body measurement. Take the measurement of your waistline and also to the inside of your leg. This could really give you the hint of the exact size of your jeans. Thus it could fit your body perfectly, especially to your legs and thighs. Just be sure that you got the correct measurement, and also don’t forget to make some allowances to ensure that they’re not too tight for you.

2.Choose your best cut… As we know, jeans have different cuts. But there are cuts which are really good for your body, so try finding it. There are straight legs cut, boot cut, flared cut, carrot cut, and the skinny. These days skinny is very popular. But again, you need to consider your body type before deciding the right cut for you. For men, boot cut and straight cut are always ideal for them.

3.Don’t forget the classic styles. Jeans nowadays are having different colors. They could be white, red, pink, brown, blue, and black. But take note that blue, black and stone wash colors are timeless. Also Levi’s jeans’ colors too are wonderful.

4.Make sure that you are comfortable enough with your jeans. Some jeans are just too tight if you don’t know how to choose the best one for you. Thus you may find hard walking while wearing it. You consider the style too and its color and take note to match properly the kind of color to your body size. Dark colors are always good for those who are having a heavy weight. But if you are confident in wearing without thinking about it, then you can try then.

5.Reproduce your wearing conditions… Jeans will not only look good through its appearance alone. They could also look better if you try to match them with nice belts and shoes. Also you can put up some little accessories inside the pocket of your jeans to test the capability of your jeans.

6.Buy pre-shrunk jeans… This is very important too because some jeans would shrink if you will wash them. So check the quality of jeans that you are going to buy so you will not regret that someday they will not fit to you anymore.

7.Wash your jeans inside out except if they are new. This avoids any discoloration to your jeans.

8.Dry your jeans naturally. As much as possible, don’t use the drier in drying your jeans. This could ruin them and could destroy them easily. Just hang them up straightly, so they will not be folded. Because folding and squeezing them too much could affect the cloth and their sizes. So make sure that you are not that rough at them to maintain the beautiful look.