Multi-featured Garment Software


Current fashion and apparel industry needs to remain focused on production quality and pioneering production process in tune with the latest trends. Technological advancements of apparel software have enabled several manufacturers and importers in enhancing their business standards. This has significantly resulted in the boom of such software in the garment industry. It facilitates organizations in improving in-house communications and helps to manage and compile data on a multi-user accessible database.

Implementation of innovative technologies is very essential for sustaining one’s stand amidst stiff market competition. The multi-featured apparel software is totally integrated and modular and features user friendly application. This software is ideal for garment production planning and caters to the apparel and fashion industry. Covering the life cycle of apparel manufacturing, this cutting-edge software is designed and developed using latest technology. This comprehensive and feature-rich software is flexible enough to cater to the requirements of small, medium and large apparel companies. Production and training, customer file management, order processing, style cost sheets etc. are efficiently managed by this software. Besides, the garment software enables easy operations for garment industry in product designing, developing, sourcing, sampling and distribution etc. Featuring supplier access screen, sample management screen, order placement screen, etc, it accelerates business profits saving unprecedented time and money. The web-based system is specially designed to offer total software solution for pre-production, production and post production phases. Apparel ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions address business domains in the apparel industry. This modular software package meets the demands and requirements of apparel manufacturers and importers. Easy to use, this software supports strategic planning and reduces operating cost.

Streamlining the entire process cycle in apparel manufacturing, the innovative software helps in attaining prompt response to customer demands. These integrated, cost effective and proven business softwares provide better business process management for fashion and garment industry.

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