Neon No Show Socks


There has been an evolution of popular sock styles over the past decades. Anyone failing to adhere to the social “sock code” was at risk for dealing with the stigma that sometimes comes with nonconformity. Knee socks coming to just below the knee put in an appearance in the sixties, followed by tube socks with no stitched in heel during the seventies, then bulky crew socks and ankle socks that accessorized stirrup pants appeared in the eighties. The latest generation has developed an attitude of tolerance to diversity that has extended to clothing and footwear. Now white socks, colorful socks, ankle socks and no show socks are all accepted as the norm, but no show socks boast a greater popularity than many other styles. If they are neon colored socks and low cut, it is just that much better.

These lower socks that come up to just below the line of the shoe are favored for many reasons. Some people believe that the line of the sock parallel to the top of the shoe adds another line across the ankle and leg that is unflattering. Others feel a visible sock can detract from the appeal of a good shoe. Some like the fact that they can avoid a tan line and the white ankles that result when higher socks are worn. Others claim that socks that are not visible eliminate wasted time trying to match up pairs for aesthetic reasons. Last, there are those who claim to like the fact that they quickly slip over the foot with no fuss.

Socks, even low cut socks, are an opportunity to make a fashion statement to the world. When they are colorful socks, or even neon color socks, they have a bright fun appeal. Buying a pack with 6 pairs or more socks allows the wearer to mix and match the colors for a subtle touch of the outrageous. When the time comes to remove shoes, someone wearing an amusing mix of socks can tell the world they look for the fun in life.

When shopping for a quality pair of white or colored socks, there are features to consider. Worthy no show socks will stay put and not slip off of the heel, so it makes sense to check for quality fabric and firm elasticity. A shopper should examine the toe of the sock for smoother seams that will not be irritating. If value is a concern, multi packs makes sense. Packs that have 6 pairs of socks usually provide a better deal.

Whether wearing white socks, or colored socks, or ankle socks, or socks that barely cover the heel, it is important to find the pair that best provides the most comfort and coordinates with the lifestyle of the wearer.