Top Three Accessories For Man


Top three accessories for man

Many people mistakenly think that man does not need any accessories. This kind of view is totally incorrect. In their wardrobes three must-have accessories is essential. They are tie, bag, and watch.

Tie: the style of man
Tie is the carrier of mans concept and style. As a popular saying goes Men like ties just like women like shoes. Although there are many ties in mens wardrobes, when it comes to match their ties with shirts, men get headache. As a matter of fact, to coordinate ties with shirts is not difficult as long as you keep several principles in mind.

First, do not wear the tie and shirts of the same style. For instance, checked suit dont go with checked shirts and ties. And printed necktie can match the shirts in plain colors. Second, the color of tie and shirts should be in the same color scheme or make contrast between each other. Third, dont buy those ties with large and vulgar pictures such as stars and animals. Ties of odd colors should be out of your wardrobe, such as khaki and green. A magenta and a blue ties are necessary.
Fourth, keep the end of the tie at the same level of major part of the belt when wear a tie.

Belt: mans status
Mans belt can reflect ones taste and status to some degree. When you choose the belt, you should pay much attention to the texture of the belt. Actually the texture is more important than the style. For example, a tie made from soft and smooth French lambskin or calfskin in the south of Italy is not only endurable but also delicate. People can immediately sense the every detail and find the excellent handicraft and value. Choosing the color and texture of your belt the same as your shoes can ensure the right match of your outfit.

Watch: mans jewelry
A watch to a man is what
wholesale jewelry to a woman. The watch a man wears is a reflection of his status and personality. Its not just a timepiece any more, and its also the symbol of fashion and reputation. Men can enjoy themselves from watches of different styles.
You can choose those everlasting A-class ones like Rolexes and Omega. Its self-evident that you will win much praises and respect. However, those cost a lot. Its a good choice to store them if you are rich. You can also choose those cheap and fashion watches such as stainless steel ones and alloyed ones. Of course, cheap watches dont mean to sacrifice quality and taste. A stainless steel watch can offer you elegance and fashion in a formal occasion and free rein in a casual occasion. You can also wear a sports watch to reveal your personality and vigor.

Apart from ties, watches, belts, there are other important accessories for men such as bags. In the modern world, there are many kinds of bags, varying from messager bags, handbags to
laptop bags, and sports bags. Sometimes appearance is the key to be successful, man should learn to make use of these accessories to help you to step on the road to success.