Choosing Customized Jeans


When buying a pair of custom jeans there is always a chance you”ll buy jeans of low quality “” fake jeans in other words. Today we will tell you how to minimize the risk of wasting your money on a pair of jeans which will fade and lose their shape after the first wash. Sometimes they recommend checking out the producing country “” but that doesn”t make much sense actually because European and American companies labels can be fake too. So rely on other jeans characteristics in the process of choosing.
By the way, what are the most frequently counterfeited jeans? These are Lee, Wrangler and Levi”s jeans so if you are planning to buy one of these companies” models you should examine it very thoroughly. The first characteristic you should look at is the price “” a pair of really good quality jeans cannot be cheaper than 150 dollars.
Then examine the jeans fabric to the touch. Even thin fabric which Turkish or Chinese jeans are made of can feel like real denim after starching “” but still the weight of such jeans will be less than the one of truly quality jeans (that”s about 850 g).
Check out the seams “” they should be double and overlock . If the seams are of low quality your new jeans will tear at the seams very soon.
Make sure the jeans furniture has brand logotypes too “” that refers to buttons, zippers etc. If there are no brand labels these jeans are most probably a fake. So if you have decided to purchase a pair of really high-quality customized jeans, be extremely careful and attentive to all the details. Then you can be sure you aren”t going to give your money for nothing.

Both men and women wear customized jeans nowadays. There are many styles of women”s jeans (classic, glamour, country etc) and there are also several styles of men”s jeans. Let”s have a closer look at them now.

The baggy style is typical for American rappers. These jeans are very wide, slightly low-waist, sometimes a couple of sizes bigger than necessary. Some of rappers” jeans can be decorated with lots of pockets, prints etc.
The country style used to be popular with hippies in 1970s. The country-style jeans are bell-bottom and usually light blue.

The easy style presupposes straight jeans of loose cut which sometimes cannot be called good-looking but are always very comfortable.

The carpenter style jeans have lots of pockets for putting work instruments into them. In daily life these jeans are very good when you go for a walk with your children and have much stuff to take with you “” all your stuff can be easily put into numerous pockets.

The loose style offers wide jeans which are even wider at their bottom, besides these jeans are extremely long. These jeans are popular with teenagers.

The slim style jeans are tight-bottom and are usually made of elastic denim. They look really hot but many men avoid wearing such jeans because there is a stereotype that these jeans are only worn by gays.

And finally goes the regular (old) style “” these are classic straight-cut jeans with 5 pockets. They are quite tight-fitting but look very imposing and make you look slimmer.

Here are the main men”s customs jeans style “” now you only have to choose the style that suites your temperament, character, age and social position, or may be just your morning mood.