Japanese Fashion Clothing And Color Matching Skills


Japanese fashion Clothing and color matching skills

Koreanjapanclothing.com:Clothing and color matching skills

Fair skin: white skin is cheek by the characteristics of the sun drying it easy red, with this type of skin women are lucky, because most of the white skin color can make a more beautiful and moving, especially the yellow line and color which blue line the most prominent white skin, the overall look the tracks you lived, light colors such as orange, lemon yellow, apple green, purple, sky blue and other bright colors properly Japanese fashion.

Dark brown skin: darker skin tones of people for a number of dark brown lines, to make you seem more personal. Dark green, purplish red, brown, yellow will make you look naturally elegant, the opposite blue line is out of tune with you, better not Chuanlan color of the shirt Asian fashion.

Pale yellow or yellowish skin: skin yellowish Yichuan blue tone clothing, such as burgundy, purple, purplish blue color and so on will make the face more fair, but the strong lines, such as brown, yellow, orange and so can not wear the best not to wear, so as to avoid looking even more yellowish no glory.

Health wheat color: color of women have this skin feeling healthy and vigorous people, black and white with such a strong contrast with their surprisingly Ge Chen, dark blue, charcoal and other pragmatic and colors, and pink, dark red, green these bright cheerful colors most prominent personality.

Hair, which hair color suits your style is to bring brilliant fluorescent color swept across the city. Color is the language of the performance trend, different hair color highlights a different flavor and personality. So, in this season’s fashion, choose what color to represent yourself?