King Baby Jewelry & Its Famous Founder


A useful writeup regarding the King Baby style, King Baby Jewelry & its famous Founder Mitchell Binder. This writeup follows the reader through the founding of the King Baby label franchise and its rapid ascension to the apex of the gothic sterling silver jewelry industry.

Mitchell Binder is the artist, founder & brains behind the hugely prominent King Baby Studio gothic silver jewelry luxury outfit. In the 70’s, when the young Mitchell Binder & his mother moved from Jackson, Mississippi to Los Angeles, the young & impressionable Binder found himself inescapably immersed in the rock culture, which arose from the ashes of the 1960s hippie culture.

Within the new environment of punk culture, music expressed a rising culture of idealism and newfound freedoms. Artistes like Jimi Hendrix, Joplin and The Dead ruled the airwaves. As Mitchell puts it “it was the ‘summer of love’ and my mind was officially blown”.

At the tender age of fifteen, Mitchell took up a role as a jeweler’s apprentice & promptly thereafter began conceptualizing his own jewelry pieces. Using his trademark charismatic personality, Mitchell Binder easily made strong celebrity contacts & promptly proceeded to become the ‘go to man’ for both Hollywood & rock stars for all their gothic sterling silver jewelry needs. King Baby Jewelry customers range from the influential Elizabeth Taylor to the rock & roll royalty of today. Another group of ardent fans are bikers, who frequently request customized gothic silver jewelry & gothic styled buckles. As an avid rider himself, Mitchell has always considered the origin of his company to be “half rock & roll & half outlaw biker.”

Originally designing purely for male audiences, Mitchell Binder soon recognized many women also bought gothic silver jewelry for themselves. In 2007, King Baby Studio publicly launched Queen Baby jewelry catering to women, with an extraordinary level of success.

These days, the Santa Monica-based King Baby Studio continues to offer hand crafted pieces which combine chunky sterling silver gothic jewelry encrusted with precious stones & sleek leather. Mitchell’s sterling silver gothic jewelry creations are bold & heavy, featuring edgy, eye-catching designs such as skulls & daggers for the King Baby gothic silver jewelry line, & relatively scaled down feminine motifs and designs such as roses, alphabets, zodiacs & crowned hearts for fans of the Queen Baby jewelry label. Many motifs feature in both collections. In a separate collaborative effort, King Baby jewelry also makes gothic sterling silver jewelry for Nikki Sixx & Kelly Gray’s Royal Underground line of sterling silver gothic jewelry.

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